As a Sales Manager, you are the custodian of all customers in your patch. This probably means up to the point of legal completion and perhaps a week or two beyond.

Let’s explore how you can make a difference in ensuring a seamless and detailed handover from sales to customer service post-occupation, once your formal duties are fulfilled.

Most customers are now tuned into the expectation of a great experience during the purchase of something but really this is simply the start of what can become an enduring relationship, particularly in the new homes industry. Let’s face it, people don’t move home that often!

You can really build on winning a customer’s lasting loyalty by helping to deliver on your brand promises to stay in the game long after the money has changed hands. They may not be in the market to buy another house themselves in the near future but they will talk to their friends, family and work colleagues about their experience. Set out to win their loyalty as a proud promoter of your brand.

Do you make it a habit to pop-in to congratulate new families within the first week or so of them moving in? If not think about making it ‘a thing’ over and above the corporate customer recognition that is in place. A card, a houseplant, a box of biscuits, or even just a phone call – something simple, just from you, to thank them for trusting your team with their big investment.

It will give you the opportunity to remind them of the next steps in the warranty period and the role of the customer service team. You can also use the chance to discover how they really feel about the experience and get some valuable feedback on how your team performed this time.

You have a unique opportunity to work closely with the customer service manager to deliver a personal and thorough handover. You can share the highs and lows and lessons learnt during this customer’s individual journey. Give a detailed account of the current issues that have been flagged up. Describe the family circumstances and suggest some quick wins for the customer service team to take on the baton and consolidate on the brilliant start you and your team have hopefully made.

Consider meeting with each other regularly to introduce a formal process behind the scenes to support the longer-term customer relationship. Agree on some key agenda points to ensure each customer feels safe with their new point of contact in the business. Imagine how impressive it will feel to your new resident when they speak to the team for the first time to find that they don’t have to repeat themselves or fight to get outstanding issues dealt with. Known. Valued. Heard.

By now you will have noticed if you have read some of our other articles, that beyond the norm customer experience is somewhat of an enduring theme here at Ellare. It’s a common thread that runs throughout the messages we share and we are proud of it!

We are really passionate about equipping you to embrace this ethos in your workday DNA so that it becomes second nature. We want you to ask yourself and the team regularly, “how can we go a little further this week to turn a great memory into an extraordinary one for every customer?”

We know how busy you already are, and in modules, lessons and articles across our Ellare solutions, we will continue to help you squeeze maximum value from every minute of your day so that you can be free to make a lasting difference. It’s your sphere of influence – make it count!

Here’s a reminder of some of the benefits you can expect from going beyond the norm:

  • Increased customer engagement & loyalty
  • Better NPS scores
  • Vital feedback on how well your team are performing
  • Valued personal brand as a loyalty-maker
  • Boosted reputation of your business.
  • Stronger relationships with your internal colleagues
  • Knowledge of a job well done

We challenge you to take the first step in making this happen today!


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