Have you ever paused to consider that as a New Homes Sales Consultant, you are positioned slap-bang in the centre of creating a newly emerging community? Your role offers you the unique opportunity to knit together a strong neighbourhood as you sell each home. You are the hub! Do you see that as tImage Move Delete  Choose Image  he privilege it truly is? 

Only you have that fascinating ‘fly-on-the-wall’ perspective as you sell each home and the true character of the future development comes to life right in front of you. You are the only person who is privy to the rollercoaster journeys that every future resident embarks on to get there. It really is a wonderful opportunity to use your relationship building skills to set a positive tone for this chrysalis neighbourhood. 

We encourage and support our sales consultant community to make the most of every customer interaction, as part of creating a memorable experience that lives on in the minds of each family - way beyond the day of completion. Imagine then, if you have taken the time to share the vision of your brand to build thriving and vibrant communities – and every customer gets the same core message, probably more than once! This, you say, is a place where we actively encourage mutual respect and neighbourly behaviour from every resident.  

Take time to see beyond each customer journey in isolation and consider appropriate and sensitive ways to create links with other like-minded residents. Children, we know, are great ice-breakers, and forging a relationship with the local school is a great way to introduce new families to each other. We all know you can’t share personal information with other residents, but it is possible to use a carefully judged opportunity to flag up that other people with similar stories or backgrounds are also going to be living close by.  

There are an infinite number of ways in which you can gently and subtly influence the future community spirit of your development. Consider hosting some events, right throughout the construction activity on site –  it is a great way to say a public thank-you to your early residents who have probably lived with some degree of disruption for a little while. You will also get the perfect chance to play the consummate hostess and be able to introduce people you know have things in common. 

At Ellare, we really believe in operating with a high degree of integrity and compassion in everything we do, and these are core behaviours we encourage within our wider community of sales consultants, sales managers and sales directors. By deciding to have a go at incorporating some of these ideas into your daily round, you are well on the way to demonstrating both traits in abundance!  It really is a ‘full circle win’ –  

  • You win, by creating a positive and authentic environment in which to sell more homes
  • The customer wins, by moving to a community with a well-established set of values
  • The business wins, by supporting your brand-boosting activities.  Your company becomes known for building great developments that are a desirable place to live.

We believe it’s a good idea to involve your customer service team, back at the office, in all you have achieved, as each customer moves into their new home. You can hand the baton onto them and they can continue the same approach as part of your post-occupation strategy. And just like that – you have created brilliant customer engagement for the future!  

It is a wonderful thing to give every customer a unique and memorable experience and long may that continue – but, by going beyond the individual journey and placing yourself at the heart of your new community, you really are delivering an uncommon gift to the development you leave behind when the last home is occupied. Now that is a legacy you can be genuinely proud of… 


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