Do you remember the Loyd Grossman series – ‘Through the Keyhole’ and his famous catchphrase – ‘who lives in a house like this?’ 

If you haven’t seen it, it has very simple premises. Three panellists tried to guess the identity of its celebrity owner based on the style choices hidden behind the front door. 

None of us wants to live in a house which is exactly the same as everyone else - celebrity or not. A new home should offer your customers a blank canvas which they can customise to perfectly suit their lifestyle and taste. 

‘Who lives in a house like this?’ is a great question to ask yourself as you prepare for a home demonstration. This is your opportunity to introduce each customer to their bespoke and ‘unique to them’ home that includes all their personal colour choices and optional extras. You are offering them their first glimpse of the new season they are about to embark on and YOU are master of ceremonies.  Put away your checklist and prepare to show off... the new home! 

As you prepare to create another memorable moment in their journey with you, take time to remember why your customer chose this particular home and those colour choices.  Remind yourself of all the incidental snippets of information they have shared with you along the way and practice weaving the important aspects into your tour of their new home. 

Preparation really is key here. We recommend that you practice demonstrating every home ‘file and checklist free’. You will have heard us talking a lot about experience over process and this is definitely one of those moments that can easily become a box-ticking, process-driven exercise if you don’t put sufficient thought into it ahead of time.  Of course, we know that you really do have a lot of boxes to tick and you will sometimes need to refer back to the file during the visit. 

In our home demonstration training, we share with you the strategies we have developed so you can manage both simultaneously and the customer will never know you were mentally moving them through the form until the very end of the meet and greet your new home. 

One of those strategies is to leave any relevant keys or manuals in the room they relate to before the customer arrives. This will save you walking around with arms full of paperwork and bunches of keys. It’s difficult to focus fully on marking a milestone when you are constantly searching for just the right key and rifling through what is probably quite a thick file! Invest half an hour ahead of time in planting your material in the relevant zone and proceed hands-free and 100% engaged.  

Be genuinely curious about what they plan to do next when they move in. Ask how they intend to use the space and affirm their choices so far. At this stage, you will know every customer quite well, and so it’s up to you to generate anticipation and excitement in a way that is perfect for them.  Legal completion is just around the corner, they are possibly still at work, juggling a big move and probably feeling squeezed on all sides. Now is a great time to remind them that their new chapter awaits just around the corner, on the other side of these last few busy days. 

It is a great idea to return to the sales office to complete the paperwork and agree on any of the last-minute issues to iron out. By doing this, you are cementing the special time you have just spent in their new home and moving the process element of the demonstration back into the sales arena. Keep the two aspects separate if you can. 

This is also a good opportunity to share a cup of coffee and root out any lingering points of anxiety ahead of the big day. Consider finishing off with a ‘So I’ll do this and you will do that’ conversation to make sure that everyone is ready for completion a few days later.  

Now you have created a key event that everyone will remember, and you will be able to say with confidence exactly who... ’lives in a house like this?' 


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