In your life as a plate-juggling, problem-solving, not-enough-hours-in-the-day Sales Manager, do you ever find yourself simply acknowledging yet another exchange of contracts as just one step closer to hitting your target? Or do you pause to ponder and celebrate with the customer and recognise the great teamwork that made it happen?   

We talk a lot at Ellare about capturing every opportunity to shift an ordinary interaction with people into something rather special and memorable. One way to build this habit into your daily work-life is to intentionally do a simple but unexpected thing that will make a big difference to someone.  

Why not take a moment at the point of exchange and celebrate with the customer and the wider team who had a hand in getting there?  Recognise the commitment that now exists between your business and the customer. Consider that exchange actually creates a shift in the relationship with your customer. Up until now your relationship has been informal and exploratory – now it is contractual and defined. Take a moment to remind the customer why this is a great thing. Image Move Delete  Choose Image  

It’s a bit like being engaged to be married. On the journey from dating to getting engaged to getting married, there are milestones and celebrations along the way. Exchange is a little like the engagement. A definite time to pause and reflect on the journey thus far, a moment of celebration and then an enormous amount of planning to be ready for the big day! 

Could you carve out time as the Sales Manager responsible for this sale? Think about what simple steps you can take to create a moment and say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked hard to achieve this.   

Celebrate with the customer with a relevant personal touch. You may not yet have had any contact with them, but now is a great time to step in with a card, an email, or phone call to acknowledge the commitment that now exists between you both.  

Recognise the relief they will be feeling and take the opportunity to cover off any highs and lows on the journey thus far. A phone call or face to face meeting helps here because you can also measure their current level of satisfaction with the experience and still have time to turn the situation around before completion. 

Taking the time and effort to do this may actually do as much for you as the customer! It reminds you to see behind the scores and creates more meaning in the ongoing busyness. Slowing down to find the deeper purpose to your role strengthens you for the next round of focused activity. 

Let’s not forget the third and critical benefit to thanking everyone else involved in the exchange. We encourage our sales manager community to work hard on developing a personal brand. Behaviours that truly support a strong operational performance. Behaviours that mark you out as a leader in your business. We believe that showing up with a clear demonstration of gratitude for great teamwork on a regular basis, will set you apart from the crowd.  

You can do this quite simply but authentically. Maybe send just one email which includes both sets of solicitors, the financial advisor and the agent, acknowledging any special efforts made along the way. Keep it to just saying thank you. Don’t dilute the impact of your appreciation by discussing any operational aspects of the sale. If you need to discuss any other angles, do it separately and preferably at another time.  

By forging stronger relationships with your external partners (financial advisors, agents, and both solicitors), you are developing a sound foundation to continuously drive up the experience you are able to offer to every customer.  Better relationships mean that you are able to call on partners to deliver beyond the norm service when you really need it. Far from being manipulative, or calling in favours – this represents a genuine flow of reciprocal give and take based on integrity and simple good manners! 

It really is the tiny 1% ers that all add up to turning an ordinary transaction into something remarkable and memorable. So next time the bell rings in the office to signify an exchange – you know what to do to create a moment of celebration for everyone. 


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