No one buys ‘okay’, no one expects a new home to be anything other than quality! 

The new home sector can sometimes be described as a ‘sea of sameness’. The sentiment behind this reflects what we hear all the time when sales and marketing describe homes they are selling using generic rather than specific terms. ‘Quality’ is a good example, describing a home on one of your developments as being quality is true but not significant for the customer to perceive the value in deciding on buying a new home with you. 

When we are actively buying anything, we want to believe that what we are buying has qualities worth owning. We want to be able to differentiate the quality of a home and how it benefits us. Today’s conscious consumer needs to be able to articulate how what they are buying, is different and unique to them. We are in the age of conscious consumerism; looking beyond what’s labelled and what’s said. Our customers want to know more about everything they may buy from you.    

The concept of conscious consumerism is an emerging descriptor for attitudes toward socially responsible behaviour, both from customers and that of a company they purchase from. In a few short months, COVID19 has had a dramatic impact on this and it is absolutely the time to be making sure that your team is conveying stronger messages to your customers that align with this.   

How does your customer hear about sustainability, placemaking, build quality, customer satisfaction through their conversations? Yes, you have downloads on your website and whole sections in your annual report but conscious consumers want to hear about it in authentic everyday language, not an add on for corporate vanity. When communicating with your customers, everyone must live and breathe the brand, showing that they authentically align with it. Everyone must be armed with insight and be aware of all the value-adding initiatives that benefit the customer.  

Any communication channel, managed by humans or chatbots must use the right responses in order to maintain a positive and consistent customer journey. By building strong relationships with customers, the customer applause gets louder – closer to 5*s. Conscious customers are real and when it comes to a customer purchasing a new home; a high-value product, their need for being in the driver’s seat and for being able to share positive reasons about why they have decided to buy with you with their approvers has never been higher. 

Customers want an effortless experience. They want to learn and know more about their new home. They want to be engaged and to make sure that they understand just what they are choosing and they want to be able to tell others; to justify their decision to buy from you. Help them to articulate why they are choosing a home that may not be the most keenly priced but is right for them and they, in turn, will help you to achieve the applause and accolades that you, as a leader, want for your people.   

  • What are your team saying when they tell your brand story and help the customer to appreciate the value of buying from you?
  • What do they actually say to ensure that your brand, the homes on their development and the service you provide stand out from the sea of sameness?


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