21st century buyers are highly educated about sales techniques, through their internet use, consumer champions and of course salespeople. As a result, they know a huge amount about buying and have developed their own processes to counteract sales tactics.  

When customers declare that it’s a buyers market, they are talking about price and their perception of the wider property market, but they are also talking about their control in the buying and selling relationship. Salespeople need to know how to adapt to each customer’s different perception of the market.

New home sales professionals need to be in control - but should not appear controlling in their sales technique. We call this 'aligning selling with the customer’s buying'.  You can tell when this is not part of a salesperson’s awareness and approach when you see them run out of selling before the customer is ready to buy!

Buyers see more salespeople in a day than salespeople see buyers!

Knowing how to align selling with buying but not let that elongate the sales timeline or prolong decision making is the new way to sell and we know how to do this really well.

We call it Intelligent Selling, which is all about attracting, engaging and empowering customers to buy a new home, and being skilled at problem-solving and creative solutions.  

HubSpot Sales Director Brian Signorelli's new book, ‘Inbound Selling: How to Change the Way You Sell to Match How People Buy’ reminds us that ‘salespeople unknowingly trained buyers on these techniques and tactics’ and ‘Buyers see more salespeople in a day than salespeople see buyers!’

The need to be intelligent in your selling is all a customer sees, hears and fears. What does intelligent selling include?

  • making buying effortless 
  • standing out in your local market because your sales approach genuinely shows a high, authentic, desire to help customers to buy a new home
  • meeting your customer’s future ambitions by meeting the challenge to be in the 1% club
  • responding to faceless enquiries and turning them into rewarding human interactions
  • engaging through multiple channels with the CustomerBase
  • targeting outbound activity with a cadence that achieves the new sales metrics and celebrates success

Great selling in the era of buyer control is about optimising everything while being super effective; by being ruthless with time yet gracious with people – one of our founder’s favourite sayings!

Ultimately, achieving a high return on time investment goes hand in hand with not running out of selling before the customer is ready to buy. It calls for high levels of self-management, practised sales routines and effective strategies geared to the outputs required.  

Without these qualities in action, salespeople can look desperate and let’s face it, desperate is not a good look on anyone and what’s more, it costs you your margin. Equip your sales team with what they need to succeed!

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