You can have all the market intelligence at your fingertips but it is the market that a site is operating in at any given time - create, make or take – that determines what actions and activities will make a salesperson more successful in their selling.

In our Intelligent Selling training, the concept of ‘create, ‘make’ or ‘take’ sales is used to provide clarity on the selling tactics needed. 

When driving a car, we know that we have to adapt our skills, reactions and timing to the conditions of the road, the weight of traffic and the way other drivers are behaving.  

In new home sales, the Sales Consultant needs to do the same. We then identify with the team which one of three markets they are currently operating in and then develop the sales approach, sales plan, mindset and selling action and behaviour for that time.


Create - Make - Take

‘Create’ is when few opportunities are being presented. Incoming enquiries are lower than you would want and as a salesperson, you feel you need an injection of interested customers to work with. 

The selling skills and behaviour for ‘Create’ are to focus on proactive activity like prospecting; making outbound calls designed to intelligently reconnect with and reinspire customers who have already enquired about the development.

‘Create’ also calls for a higher level of networking to generate new interest and to build up referrals. This is intense sales activity and calls on the very best of selling skills. To shy away from ‘creating’ is limiting your selling ability and for us, that is not intelligent selling.


Create - Make - Take

‘Make’ is when a sufficient number of customers, who are willing and able to buy, present to the site. Therefore selling is a case of nurturing the opportunity in the short term, perhaps over a few meetings or conversations so that you inspire and influence them in their readiness to buy. ‘Make’ takes tenacity, planning and structure as well as strong interpersonal, persuasive, closing and negotiation skills.


Create - Make - Take

‘Take’ is the market where Reservations are more readily available and there is a higher demand for the homes you are selling at the price you are selling them at. This does not make these sales any easier to achieve, they are however likely to happen quicker and are therefore often the constant sales. ‘Take’ is symptomatic of when the 3 dimensions of purchasing – being willing, able and ready to make a buying decision - are aligned.

When the Sales Manager and the Sales Consultant work together with this understanding, the sales rate becomes more possible to achieve and the daily and weekly activity is more effective. When salespeople don’t have this understanding, we see them repeat what they have always done: being in sports mode while driving on snow!


At Ellare, we know how to help your team to better plan their selling activity and their daily priorities. We can help with all of this. Start by introducing your team to our free Intelligent Selling principles module and sign up for our Intelligent Selling emails using the form below.


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