Just because you can measure it, doesn’t mean it’s valuable!

That’s a phrase we use often with Ellare clients. We hear the metrics that are counted and reported on and wonder why! Yes, it’s important to measure effectiveness but sometimes, the count masks the meaning.  

How often, for example, does the big CustomerBase number overpower the small number that is needed to get a sale? Is focusing on housekeeping the big number leaving no focused time for the customers who will give you the sales? Are the numbers your team are being managed by the ones that will really help them to achieve the output you need?

At Ellare, we use a Now, Next and Future sales strategy which helps sales teams to focus their selling on the results needed; the numbers that matter.  

It’s a way to make sure that individuals don’t fall into the trap that the New York Times/Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Pitbull of Personal Development® Larry Winget explains…

Don’t measure busywork, don’t measure activity.  Measure accomplishment. It doesn’t matter what people do as much as it matters what they get done.  

To measure accomplishment and motivate salespeople, daily activity needs to be focused on achieving the sales results needed in a really focused and meaningful way. We help salespeople to do this using out our Now, Next and Future sales strategy model.

Creating effective NOW | NEXT | FUTURE strategies per site helps salespeople to know: 

  • Who their NOW customers are - their sales in the next week
  • Where their NEXT opportunities are – how many Part Exchange or Help to Sell applications are needed on their NEXT line to get their sales rate? and, 
  • How will the salesperson manage the CustomerBase to provide for FUTURE sales?  

Creating plans and call patterns based on who is in the CustomerBase assures optimisation of leads and consistency of sales rate for a site.

Ellare’s NOW | NEXT | FUTURE model help salespeople to: 

  • Create relevant batches for call outs 
  • Prepare power phrases to fit these batches of people
  • Share good news stories, use ‘why wouldn't you’ power phrases, ask customers ‘what's stopping you?’ how will you 'feel' once you've decided on your move and are enjoying relaxing weekends in new lifestyle?’

It is so important that salespeople get a high return on their activity or they become demotivated by rejection and yet sales is all about rejection.  

Learning to see rejection as progress is as important as engaging customers and next stepping them to a human connection, curious qualification, a next step toward a sale, an appointment, and a Reservation.

Help your team to measure what is valuable, to focus selling on the results needed; the numbers that matter using our Now, Next and Future sales strategy.


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Map your NOW|NEXT|FUTURE so that you have a real sense of where your sales are coming from and what needs to happen to secure your success and sales momentum.


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