The following Warren Buffet quote is certainly true in new homes and sales marketing. 

“If you can’t read the scoreboard. You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers” 

But the version we use with sales consultants and sales managers reads 

“If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell when you’re winning” 

Holding salespeople accountable for their selling (their sales rate, sales stability, profitability and volume, sales progression not to mention professionalism and personality) is all part of the joy of directing new home sales. What we are seeing now is that the measures of success i.e. the output will likely remain but the input (the sales activity) that drives the output has changed a lot since 2020. 

Now more than ever, with so many plates spinning, it is easy for salespeople to lose sight of what matters day to day and where the next sales are coming from. Whilst we are on a good run post-lockdown, the input required to achieve output sales is being ignored. The problem with sales consultants and sales managers focusing only on output is that there is often a just whiff of hope rather than confidence in the sales rate. The hope strategy of selling only tells us today's score in the hope that tomorrow will be the same!! 

The changes in customer activity and behaviour post-lockdown means that your sales team need to be planning their days differently; changing the time of day that they undertake activities, planning video calls with customers as well as planning in productive appointments with qualified customers. 

So let us ask you some questions. 

Right now, what are your teams focusing on and what are you measuring? How confident are you of your sales rate moving forward? Who is modelling your best future sales activity and behaviours? 

We are celebrating the changes in input activity that mean Sales Consultants know more about their scoreboard, to know when their activity is creating the small wins that lead to the big scores. With Ellare’s help, Sales Managers are focusing sales team to: 

  • Drive activity to their target Reservations and really know their Customerbase metrics
  • Plan daily activity to optimise customers who are engaged and not engaged yet active
  • Aligning what is possible from the Customerbase to achieve the sales they need
  • Plan call out strategies to revive and refresh interest with compelling reasons to re-engage target customers and not give up too early!
  • Respond to increased customer activity online; turning faceless enquires into human connections; optimising video call platforms to engage, build rapport, qualify and plan appointments with qualified customers
  • Plan activity for proceedable customers and have a pipeline plan for non-proceedable customers
  • Manage sales progression activity Reservations in hand not Exchanged, New Reservations, Exchanges and Completions

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