One of the major challenges of managing a new home sales team is holding each salesperson accountable; not having Sales Managers or Sales Directors rescuing situations that could badly impact on sales performance but making sure everyone knows what the process is that creates their best results and what it takes to move each stage of a sales forward. This begins with sales leadership.

We know that by engaging salespeople in the sales planning and the devising of the sales strategy for their site, they achieve a clearer understanding of the expectations required in results and activity. Like all strategies, this needs to be translated into operational practice. What will the activities and tasks or ‘the inputs’ be that will assure the business of the outputs?

When we ask salespeople, who are evidently not part of the sales planning, about their sales plan to achieve their targets they have all-too-often been left to interpret how they will achieve the sales rate and when left with only the ‘doing’, not the thinking, we see inconsistency in performance, productive activity and standards.

We have devised a way to shift this habit and engage the sales team in the planning for sales on their site. It comes in the form of a Site Sales Diary. It gives clarity to the numbers, creates the discussion about how the targets will be achieved and enables Sales Managers to devise the support each person requires behaviourally to achieve their sales plan.

If your team is thriving on NOW sales and you are relying on momentum to get your consistent sales rate then use a sales diary with your sales managers to create a plan with each salesperson that will also lead to them being more accountable for the results and success of their development – personal and site.

You can start to move responsibility where it belongs today. You can use a sales diary for your next quarter’s planning. It will help to clarify the numbers needed and by using a monthly and weekly activity planner, Sales Consultants can get into control of the activity that will lead them to more success and alignment with the strategy.

By using a diary planner to focus on target exchanges and plots for the quarter together with their Sales Manager, the Sales Consultant can create focus from their CustomerBase, detailing their grasp of customers to work with, laser targeting their activity whilst also planning for sales progression, marketing and customer experience activity in the quarter. When salespeople use our diary dynamically, they are clear and can calculate their run rate, they gain confidence from the CustomerBase to achieve sales from proceedable and non-proceedable leads.

Delegating the monthly and weekly diary planner to the site-based sales , you start real delegation and enable your team to present their plans and expectations upwards. You give the floor to the Sales Consultant to take the lead in explaining how the execution of their plan is going, what behaviours are creating success, what’s working, what isn’t, as well as the key deliverables for the week to come.

Getting into the habit of reporting upwards, sets constructive, positive and concise communication channels and definitely enables the Sales Manager to plan with clarity, not crisis!

Try our Sales Diary with your team, we know it will build accountability and shift the dependency your team has on your sales manager and ultimately you.


Plan Your Best Week


Get an insight into our Sales Diary toolkit here. For access to the full toolkit, get in touch via our contact page.