What comes first? The chicken or the egg.

The answer is you need both to be successful.

Your functional ability is often a given and people see you as the competent head of sales because they know you know your stuff when it comes to achieving the successful sales and marketing of the sites and their phases. You play your part and bring your technical ability to the table in all its glory – you are the expert in that seat.

Less of a given but no less low in expectation is your behavioural talent. How people see you behave is what you become known for and we’ve all known directors who weren’t exactly inspiring. You’ll remember this because it probably also meant you didn’t perform to your full potential - because you didn’t have the support or encouragement you needed. 

We want to help leaders become known for the right things. Take the first step in raising your profile and being known and respected for balancing your functional competence and behavioural talent. Starting to evaluate these two dimensions can be the difference between being an effective member of the board, a leader and an effective senior manager leading your team.

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