Most organisations have worked hard over the last few years to establish a customer journey that will help them stand out from the crowd and developers are no exception. With five-star ratings and awards of excellence up for grabs from industry watchdogs, the race is on to move up the league tables and receive the latest badge of honour. 

Consumers have grown used to experiencing a set of customer-centric processes that all add up to a better experience across all sectors of commerce. This is all well and good, but of course, it simply means that business has now set the bar higher, making it just as difficult as ever to stand out from the new improved customer-facing in-crowd! 

How then do we steal a new march on our competitors and create and deliver genuine world class service that delights our precious hard-won customers? We believe at Ellare that the answer lies in understanding every customer’s unique story.

We all know that moving home is one of life’s great moments of stress, up there with death, divorce and debt. Often a house move results from one of these tragic events that life indiscriminately seems to throw at us all. No amount of brilliant customer journey milestones and exemplary delivery is likely to turn this episode into an exciting transaction for these customers.

We all know that moving home is one of life’s great moments of stress, up there with death, divorce and debt.

On the other hand, what of the first-time buyers who are thrilled and terrified in equal parts to be embarking on a life-long adventure of property ownership? They are balancing their own sometimes conflicted emotions with the advice of their ‘approvers’. Cue extra hand-holding, back to basics conversations and encouragement by the bucket-load.

Ultimately, what can we do alter our singular customer journey that guides our sales and construction teams through a set path? What if we started to see our all-singing and dancing corporate customer journey as less of a route-map to be delivered come-what-may and more of a framework to navigate each customer through the experience with a ‘just for them’ appropriateness.

By seeing it this way, we free our sales teams to search for the unique story, listen for what isn’t being said, and create a tailor-made journey for everyone. One that matches the current reality of each customer. Is this the next evolution of the experience we are all so focused on delivering? We think so. Salespeople tend to have an in-built, well-tuned empathy radar, so we are knocking at an open door here! The trick is to foster an appropriate delivery of professionally-human interventions. We all have people on our teams who we know take ‘going the extra mile’ way too literally!

The emerging leaders among our Ellare sales manager community, understand how to coach in the one percenters. Being great in the little things. Tiny things. Because it’s in these moments that the world class service is born. Not in the grand gestures that apply to everybody (nice as they are!). We are striving here to create a truly memorable experience for each customer. Sensitive to their reality today. Being quietly but steadfastly invested in the new chapter they have embarked on.

In setting off down this road, we believe it is not just the customer who wins. We are all in the process of reframing everything we do, in light of this uncertain new world we have stepped back into. Our community spirit antennae are twitching and scouting for opportunities to experience again that connection that we all so appreciated during lockdown.

It seems that after all, slowing down and taking time to understand what really matters to each one of us -well, it really matters! We’ve discovered there’s a joy in the simple act of reaching out – and let’s be fair, who wouldn’t want to keep that feeling going as long as possible? It’s good for business, good for job satisfaction and even better for the soul! 


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