Are you and your team in charge of your CustomerBase, or is it running you?

We often find that teams find It hard to extract their motivated and ready buyers from a sea of lukewarm, unworked or cold leads. Don’t let this be you! 

Your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a veritable goldmine of information.  The key to successfully harnessing this information is to realise that not all the information is equal in value.  Think of a treasure trove which has a sparkling hoard of priceless gems mixed in with imitation stones! At first glance it all glitters but it takes some time and effort to sort the wheat from the chaff. So it is with your CustomerBase – there is no room for ‘past its best’ data.

Worse still, if there is a quantity of post-sell-by data muddying the waters, how much can you really trust the management reports extracted from the system? Will the genuine purchaser please step forward! We encourage our Ellare community of Sales Managers to coach their teams regularly in this area and to invest time in getting your Sales Consultants on board with the thinking. 

Clear marketing messages make everyone welcome to join the CustomerBase, once in, a customer ‘earns’ their place to remain; the CustomerBase is a place where serious business is done and that takes a two-way productive conversation.

We recommend batching customers into three categories – Willing. Able. Ready – 


A willing prospect keen to buy, ‘up for’ the conversation and expects to find a home sometime soon but may not yet be in a position to buy. They want to be attended to and helped to find the right home.


They could buy now, there are no barriers to Reservation - legal or financial.


Willing and able, processing their readiness to make a buying decision.  Confidence and a strong belief that the home holds value in the longer-term plan and life gain as well as price.

When we have worked with teams to help them understand this principle and get greater leverage from their CustomerBase, it is not uncommon to find that a serious amount of housekeeping needs to happen and we believe it is critical to batch your customers into categories; not least because the conversations that need to be had with them, must reflect their current position in the buying journey.

We know that getting strategic in the way you work your CustomerBase yields great results; in understanding where your ‘Now’ sales are; implementing systems to control and nurture the ‘Next’ sales; and grasping that the ‘Future’ starts now.

NOW sales 

Sales that come from people in your CustomerBase who are Willing, Able and Ready.

NOW sales typically align with targeted plots.

NEXT sales 

Sales come from people in your CustomerBase who are Willing and Ready and may need help with 'Able' or they may be Willing and Able but need nurturing to be 'Ready' to buy.  
They are proceedable with effort.

FUTURE sales

Sales from those whose Willingness, Ability and Readiness is low.

Try diving into the CustomerBase for each of your developments.  We believe that it’s vital to have a depth of knowledge about each CustomerBase both in terms of winning more sales and as part of your journey to becoming a Sales Manager who stands out from the crowd. Take time to become a credible user of your CRM – we understand that it is tough finding time to become an expert in ‘all the things’ – but this is one area that will reap dividends immediately.

What action do you need to take today so that you can:

  • Understand the current norm for visitor levels
  • Stretch the effectiveness of each marketing channel
  • Maximise CusotmerBase activity as a lead generator
  • Help your team create compelling contact strategies for every customer
  • Drive-up appointments with motivated customers

One way to generate a valuable conversation within your team is to go in depth into one CustomerBase each week across your team so that over a month or two you will cover all of them.  Check to see that all the basic details are captured for every active customer and a good quality, meaningful interaction has been recorded.  Is it clear what the next step is? Has your Sales Consultant left a clear indicator of what needs to happen to produce even a quarter step towards progress? 

Ask yourself how likely is it that a customer is truly engaged in pursuing a house purchase with your business if they haven’t even left their full name or address? If you are not even sure how much they can afford to spend or when you can expect to hear from them again, is a customer like this a genuine gem or simply an imitation stone? What power questions need to be asked of your team to help that customer refine their search and get back on board?

Uncover the truth today. Join Ellare and gain significant leverage on the potential NOW NEXT and FUTURE sales waiting to be gleaned.

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