We know there are a set of common behaviours, skills and technical know-how that makes for a great New Homes Sales Manager, but don’t forget there is only one you!

What does your personal brand say about you today? Or perhaps a better question is – what actually IS a personal brand? There are lots of clever, in-depth definitions out there, but we like to keep it simple here at Ellare! We believe it’s: 

  • How you build a reputation as an authority in your sector of the industry
  • What makes you stand out from the competition
  • What you do to positively influence your circle both within and outside work
  • How you make a larger and lasting impact – a strong legacy

Building a personal brand is different to ‘just being you’! This is about being intentional about what you stand for and how you show up every day in all areas of your life. Our industry can be a stressful place at times with peaks and troughs of the sales year.  We believe it’s vital to remain resilient in the face of those challenges – garnering a strong reputation for navigating those critical moments with grace. 

A good starting place for building your own personal brand is to sit and have a meeting with yourself! What are your values and core beliefs about how you want to do business? Does that version of you sit comfortably within your organisation’s culture? 

A key part of our Driving Sales programme for New Homes Sales Managers is our focus on helping you develop a strong ‘brand of one’ that supports your bid to become a uniquely successful and authentic sales professional. Want to make a start right now? Consider the practical and in-the-moment ways that you can start to implement these steps. Think about opportunities both inside and outside the workplace. The keyword to remember here is ‘building’ a personal brand.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Be intentional and consistent. Sow the seeds of who you want to be known as.

Think about:

  • How to be known for more than getting the job done
  • Creating a positive impact in all you do
  • Ways to stay genuine and authentic
  • Being consistent
  • Building one area of focus at a time
  • Who is your model for success?
  • Building a strong legacy

It takes a lot of effort to align yourself with a set of values, beliefs and behaviours, but there is also an enormous amount of freedom in saying – ‘this is me, this is what I represent and I’m here to make a difference’. You are showing up every day anyway, so it makes perfect sense to show up strong! 


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