In the digital age, we are overwhelmed by information. Unable to make sense of it all, our creativity plummets, decision making suffers and we grow absent-minded. The 21st century sees us drowning under emails, forever juggling six tasks at once and trying to make complex decisions ever more quickly. This is information overload.

Even the smartest mind can't beat the organised mind. So how do we avoid from slipping into autopilot mode when selling with intelligence? One side of your brain needs to be attending to the customer, focusing on their needs and making sense of the information they give you. The other side of your brain needs to be planning out your sales approach, what will you do next, why and for what purpose? 

While a large part of what you are doing in the early interactions with a customer is about demonstrating service excellence; professionalism and building rapport causes you to be fully focused on your customer and their needs, let’s not forget that the end goal is to get a reservation! We need smart ways to process the constant flow of information the brain must deal with. Being a successful sales person demands Split Level thinking. 

This is when one side of your brain is 100% focused on your customer – their needs and making sense of the information they have given you – while the other side is 100% focused on the business case at hand: i.e. tying down a potential sale, planning your next step, what you’ll say and do next, why and to what end?

When dealing with a customer, your split thinking brain needs to be conscious of:

  • Your hosting skills
  • Carrying out curious / productive qualification
  • Developing your customer’s awareness of how you are able to help them in their property search
  • Summarising with your client, little and often, in order to gain small commitments throughout the sales journey

We know that selling in a structured manner achieves more sales so gain commitment from your customer, however small, as often as you can, working through the stages of your sales structure to next-step to that potential sale. Remember: 

  • Try and not get distracted. Your brain has a daily processing limit - why waste it on cat photos!
  • Stay in track. Have a strategy to achieve little and often
  • Punctuating each step with a proposal that gets you closer to the point of reservation


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