How many times a day do you hear someone say: “There’s just not enough hours in the day”!

Your day, just like everyone else’s, is only 24 hours. Yet somehow certain people seem to be able to squeeze more from that time than others. What it all comes down to is time management - how you choose to plan, prioritise, and spend the hours you have.

Consequently, if you find yourself thinking or saying, ‘I don’t have time’, or ‘I wish I’d done this better’ ask yourself what you are doing or about to do which is taking you away from your own personal goals?

The sales arena is your environment so take control of each sales opportunity that comes to you. Learning to prioritise effectively and focus on solutions are key to your developmental success. You can become a positive thinker simply by focusing on solutions, not the problems. Just remind yourself that "there are no problems – only opportunities."

There must be an element of challenge in your smart goals so they stretch you as an individual and carry you on to new ground. But they must also be attainable and viable within a realistic time-frame, otherwise time will overtake you - anything is possible if you know what you are striving towards. This seems like a simple solution but many people make the common mistake of not setting goals and wonder why they fail.

Remember to:

  • Make sure your personal goals are balanced. Don’t be too ambitious
  • Be a more positive person. You can be as positive as you want to be if you simply think about the future, focus on the solution and look for the good. When you adopt a positive attitude, life becomes a rewarding adventure instead of something to get through.
  • Take time to reflect on and evaluate learning experiences
  • Always ask for help

Evaluation is the key stage to the self-development cycle because it enables you to discover whether that development activity was worthwhile, applicable, and if and how your skills or working behaviour has improved as a result i.e. What am I able to do better as a result?

Practice being ready to kick into your assertive sales approach and start selling where the customer is ‘at’ not where you want to start your selling routine. 

Sales people who gain success in Intelligent Selling have clearly defined targets and plan their time to achieve this. You can’t create more time but you can control your environment, your procedures, your habits, and only you can allocate the right amount of time to reach your goals. 


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