Do you have a few minutes now to jump on a quick video call?

With online virtual meetings being the lifeline of communication for most of us in the 2020 lockdown, the likelihood that a customer will jump onto a quick video call is now highly probable!

To really connect with the customers in a personal and visual way, it’s time for sales professionals to think about how to create a personal experience for their customers. Your mission is to build a connection, to build trust, to build a relationship and even (in these strange times) to ease the fear.

For your homebuyers, personal risk assessment will become the new norm which means that they need to know that it’s going to be worth them coming out to see you. It’s very different from what we are used to but there are lots of merits to this new way of working.

For instance, moving phone conversations online will achieve a richer, deeper connection and enable a productive discussion that uses the best of your visuals. This demonstration adds a huge amount of value and the engagement with your materials will go up and as such, more reservations will be taken.

Likewise, moving face-to-face conversations online will save lots of time and create flexibility for all sides. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Step by Step Guide to Spontaneous Sales.

1) An initial telephone call to connect

You sell best when you have really clear objectives.

The objective of your call is to connect and reconnect with your customer on a human level – how are they? How can you help them? You need to be curious, caring, empathetic and genuinely interested.

Your secondary objective is knowing what you can achieve by jumping online right now so focus on getting the customer interested and wanting to know and explore more with you.

Understand their willingness, agility, and readiness to buy with you – how great is their intention to change? Where are they in their personal buying journey?

Find out what is prompting this move, their current dissatisfaction, their vision of the future and their timeframe.

This is the moment to propose getting visual online. 


Inbound Call Jotter Download


This inbound call jotter is designed to help you get to know your customer, get housetype/plot specific and achieve a next step to a (qualified) online meeting.


2) Use the online meeting to engage and become home specific by using your visuals

Now it’s time to use what you know about your customer to help them visualise their new future by showing them homes which solve their worries and current challenges.

Craft and clearly articulate the options based on the new information and demonstrate to them how a specific home could resolve their pain points. Be sure to gauge the reactions and engage in the feedback.

Towards the end of the online meeting(s), try and get them to commit to a house type or specific plot so you can start talking about how to move forwards. 

3) Agreeing on the next steps to move the purchase forward

Creativity and lateral thinking will give you the solutions that you and your customer can consider to move forward. Ask questions, showcase your expertise, demonstrate empathy and use humour (only if appropriate).

Be very conscious of the valuable time you have together and nudge forward to what’s possible for your customer. Working with any constraints, come up with solutions for how you can get home specific commitment, clarity on proceedability, how the finance will work and the timescale to work to.

The next steps should be geared to progressing to the reservation so what’s next?

  • A reservation today?
  • If not today, when will the next meeting be? Date and time? Try and get back online rather than on the phone to maintain the connection.
  • Propose and agree practical actionable next steps that help you both to move forward, connecting with financial and wealth managers to establish the best individual financial plan for your customer. 

4) Closing the sale

At this point, it’s time to have another virtual meeting (or physical if desired and using the current rules) to close the sale and agree the terms. It’s vital to maintain a human connection throughout the progression of the site. 

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