It can sometimes feel impossible to achieve everything required on a daily basis while still doing what you were hired to do... sell houses! 

Administration is an important aspect of keeping your business going; in fact it's the doing that keeps the going. Sales can sometimes feel like the last thing on your mind with all the other tasks required.

It’s fair to say that most salespeople who are good at selling certainly don’t often have a passion for admin. So how do you find balance with so many other facets to the job role?

As Benjamin Franklin famously quoted: 

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Every day, you can (and should) expect to be in a situation where you are working on a task when a visitor enters your sales arena. 

Right here lies the challenge! 

A conscious switch of your mindset is essential if the customer entering the space you control is to feel that you are pleased to see them. They need to feel the warmth and genuineness of your welcome.

The key importance is planning. 

Be prepared to be interrupted when you are doing your day-to-day jobs and plan ahead of time for how you will graciously and seamlessly move your focus to the customer who presents themselves in front of you.  Practice adopting these habits and mindsets until they become embedded in your daily behaviour. 

Leaving yourself with a backlog of work to do can cause you to feel frustrated but if your mind is worrying about other things, you could miss valuable elements of customer knowledge. 

There are only a set number of hours in each day in which to sell a new home. Remember to bear in mind that there are only so many elements that can be planned in each selling day and there are so many that can’t. 

Being efficient with time is critical to personal sales success. We know that time management and prioritisation aren’t hereditary traits. Yes, some people are able to manage time and projects better than others, but it’s important to remember that these are skills that can be learned or improved.

Here are five ways to manage your personal sales success

  1. Prioritise different tasks
    Use your early morning to scan through your emails. Decide there and then which ones need a response and/or action instead of reading through and thinking you will have another look later on.  Do the urgent and important straight away and schedule a time slot to deal with the others in order of priority.
  3. Check voicemails first thing
    Make this your habit. Listen to the voicemails while the kettle boils and respond to any that are urgent and schedule time to respond to the others in the order of urgency and priority.
  5. Think about the following day too. 
    What needs actioning for the next day’s appointment? Check the diary for notes. Don’t get caught out.
  7. Set time for new sales calls
    Focusing on creating new sales is a vital part of your job but it’s one that is easy to ignore as the urgent can overtake the important. Book into the diary every day and do it as early as possible before the day gets too busy.
  9. Take regular breaks
    You may worry that interrupting your work for a break loses time but regular breaks will restore your energy and improve your productivity to levels that more than make up for any lost time.
  11. It’s better to not have an opportunity and be prepared than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. Success loves preparation, are you prepared?
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