Great selling looks easy... but it’s actually very well-rehearsed and disciplined – and that’s why it looks easy! No two sales are the same however they all have the same intended destination – an exchanged sale.

A sales approach that has no structure or planning will wander, make inefficient use of time, and create inconsistent results. Strong visitor rates with low conversions are symptomatic of a lack in structure!

By learning Ellare’s principles of Intelligent Selling, you can start to create a buying structure for your customer that makes sense; a progressive journey that uses time effectively.

We use a sales route that is consistent with how a customer is processing their buying decision. It can help you to structure your time with customers effectively which in turn assures better results.

Like a route map on an important journey, a strong and well-thought-out sales structure provides the directions, milestones and landmarks. Salespeople can divert onto a different route if they know which direction they are heading in.

And of course, you can drive the customer towards the destination – a reservation.

Intelligent Selling helps to embed the habits of successful selling into everyday dealings with customers. 

Our online modules will help sales people to:

  • Structure each sales opportunity
  • Work the sales zones in their sales arena
  • Add value and give the customer more confidence to buy
  • Use curious qualification to find out how to craft a sale around the customer
  • Progress customer confidence and readiness to buy
  • Assure every customer of an amazing experience
  • Practice Give to Get with their information
  • Be engaging in product demonstrations
  • Close the sale when the customer’s emotions are engaged in a home
  • Lead a customer to an agreement to buy
  • Create the next steps to a sale
  • Be engaging and engaged with the customer


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