‘Going digital’ has become quite the saying since we came back from lockdown. Despite reservations being taken by many of our clients throughout this awful and very strange time, now that we have a new normal and sales people are getting used to being present on their site and safely managing visitors, we are also seeing the ease with which customers are now using digital as part of their shopping experience.

It’s clear that customers are increasingly expecting highly personalised experiences, in fact a recent report by Internet Retailing found that 69% of consumers want to have a personalised experience, yet less than 50% of brands are actually delivering one!

In new home sales, we have such an opportunity to not just personalise every interaction that a customer has, but to extend that personal service while incorporating digital as well.  

In more recent years, we have become skilled at generating digital leads using google searches and property portals, Facebook advertising, Instagram and it’s obvious that although these digital enquiries may be faceless when they first come to the attention of sales, the enquiry comes from a person who has taken time online to visit your website and they need your attention and help NOW!

Making a human connection is the goal for a digital enquiry and actively setting out to make a human interaction is key. There are so many channels you can use to convert a digital lead to a human connection, we believe that the best connection is personal so the phone wins every time and can work best when worked with a video – maybe a video call if you have mobile to mobile capability or a video of you introducing yourself to your customer sent via a link or email attachment. Why not give it a go?

Stand in a show home, look your camera in the eye, smile and press record! Make this a real human connection with your customer and make them want to meet you in person! 

  • Say hello and introduce yourself, say where you are recording from
  • Let them know you are pleased to be able to help in their search for a new home
  • Reference the home you are standing in and how this is relevant to their enquiry
  • Let them know what you are going to do - give them a call to be of help to them
  • Sign off by saying what you would like to have happen – looking forward to welcoming them to your development when you have better understood how to help them

That’s it! An easy 40 second intro that instantly brings the customer closer to you! Give it a go, send it to a colleague and see how they would receive it if they were a customer.


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