This is it.

The revolution we have waited for.

The one that rocks the default and changes how we sell new homes in the 21st century.

We are all emerging with newfound knowledge, new ideas, new solutions and new ways to go about our business.

Each site will have its challenges catching up with the backlog of legal completions as well as achieving targets for the financial year.

But the rules have changed!

Not just the rules of physical distancing but the rules of a sale.

The journey people will go on to get to you, how they will view the criteria and how they will value the home you have that meets their needs.

Your customers will have experienced many new things in their lives while they have been on lockdown.

Their behaviour has changed and yours needs to as well.

Speak to your customers about what they have learned.

Ask them if or how lockdown has changed their thinking about what they need from a new home.

What has changed for them family wise? Work wise?

How can you help them move forwards?

Maybe a family who were originally settled on open-plan shared spaces now want nothing more than private rooms after spending so much time together lately!

Maybe a first-time buyer has realised that actually separate space for an office might be a really good idea.

This is your moment.

A whole new and exciting level of selling that will be perfect for all those people with agility, entrepreneurialism and passion for new home sales.

Pick up the phone and connect with your customers. 


Free Download - New Customer Journey


In the current climate, there is no time to slowly get back up to pace. To help we have captured the new customer journey in this infographic – download it now!