Adopting new digital ways to engage with customers is exciting. We learned in lockdown the extent to which customers are prepared to pursue their search for a new home - even when they can not visit, see and feel the home in reality.

Many salespeople genuinely believe that a customer will not buy a home unless they have seen it but we have strong evidence that customers are happy with video calls being part of their homebuying journey.  

Using video calls with customers is a great way to connect, to qualify and to plan how best to spend time on your development when they do visit. It is entirely possible to progress a lead, create a strong human connection and meet with more people who can buy from you. It is time-efficient for everyone and really productive.

This is a turning point, a moment in time when the sales day can be better planned. Although there is an argument that a busy sales office creates urgency, there are other ways to do this. The best way to give a customer the experience they truly deserve is to dedicate specific time to them and when gifted with the knowledge that this is a willing, able and potentially ready customer, conversion rates can be more assured.

As rules around meeting in person have evolved, you may have been meeting with customers and trying to build rapport and read facial cues behind a face mask or covering. The use of video means that you can overcome this with more meaning, greater rapport and human connection.

Here are some pointers for bringing video into your selling and build rapport with more customers:

  • Use a video introduction to a new lead before you speak on the phone
  • Try using a video call to walk a customer through one of your homes – you in the sales office or outside a home while the customer explores the property
  • Use a video follow-up call to really appreciate and evaluate where your potential sale is up to
  • A live negotiation – one that engages and helps you both to play the game. Negotiation behind a face covering is not our best advantage!

Video will never replace face to face meetings but it does pip email, text and messaging to the post. Get your communication channels in order and become brilliant at looking the camera in the eye to accelerate how quickly you connect with your otherwise faceless leads.


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