NOW sales, the homes you have targeted your priority to sell, come from people who are willing, able and ready to proceed. Quite often, these sales need to help a customer to buy and move home. Sometimes it may be that we are helping them to get confident and ready to reserve with you.  

Whatever your customer’s status, it reminds us that in all sales opportunities, we need to be detecting what needs to happen for this to be a sale. What will the best terms of sale be with this customer? What’s in the way of that happening? Is it a lack of real hurry or a sense of urgency to decide, is it the financing of the purchase or a lack of trust and confidence to make the decision?

Handling resistance and concerns is something that needs openly discussing with customers. It’s not all about having perfect solutions, clever sales responses or using margin! What’s important to people is that the salesperson and the organisation are confident, authentic and positive. Customer concerns and resistance is normal and it’s always essential to build the customer’s confidence through conversation; adding positive statements to boost them as well as increasing the perception of value in the home you want them to reserve. After all, if the salesperson doesn’t sound sure and confident, why should the customer?

Customers understandably have worries in any market - and in the current climate especially. No one has a crystal ball to know how each local property market will rise and fall over time but we can be sure it will rise and fall so be truthful – say this to the customer. Agree when they express concern about the property market, but at the same time develop credible and positive responses to hold the customer’s confidence as well as your sale price!  

We always recommend facilitating the concern and worry that a customer has by supporting them to rationalise their worries and get a perspective that allows them to proceed. As we facilitate concerns, we have to develop a finely tuned radar to watch out for the source of a worry. We actively check that the customer is willing, able and ready to buy and if not, what’s missing? Often as a customer processes their rationale to make a high-value purchase like a new home, they subconsciously explore and satisfy their reasons to trust the company, the person selling to them, the people they meet through the salesperson, and what’s said online.  

Simultaneously, they also consider the need to go ahead now, why not now, what if they do say yes and what if they don’t! A customer on the brink of a decision naturally explores the 'what if's'. The art of sales is to not overreact to them but to have fed these questions with positive answers throughout your work with your customer. Quite often these considerations are difficult to articulate. The one area that is easier to speak about, to challenge and is important to people regardless of their net worth is the general state of the market, general economics and personal circumstances that can change without our control.

Being competent and confident to discuss interest rates, general employment, inflation, mortgage availability, property demand and supply, and the very important 'feel-good factor' for buying a home is vital in new home sales. To not be socially and politically aware is not commensurate with the value of the homes being sold. Being an economist or commentator is not necessary but being able to express yourself and speak credibly of the factors affecting new homes is important.  


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